Mechanotherapy in Orthodontics

Mechanotherapy in Orthodontics is the science of engineering precise and efficient procedures to accomplish desired skeletal and dental changes and movements.

This innovative and comprehensive orthodontic book, the first of 3 volumes, guides students and clinicians from basic biomechanics principles to advanced mechanotherapy concepts, incorporating current scientific evidence on advances in tooth movement and craniofacial growth.


Volume I

Volume I of this book series guides the Orthodontists and Orthodontics Residents on the use physics and biology principles to deliver accurate and efficient treatment for their patients. Readers will learn to apply physical laws in Orthodontics treatment, from basic concepts to more advance topics. This book is written clearly and assumes no previous knowledge in physics or mechanics on the part of the reader. Rich illustrations in this book allow the readers to grasp concepts quickly without a need for memorization. This book also makes a wonderful teaching tool in Orthodontics, Biophysics and Biomechanics departments at universities around the world.


Volume II

Volume II, currently in press, introduces a new orthodontic treatment philosophy and how to choose the right tool for each clinical problem. When pertinent, this book presents biological concepts important for choosing the most efficient mechanotherapy plan and discusses current theories in the biology of tooth movement and accelerated tooth movement. In addition, we introduce readers to a new theory of craniofacial growth and its application to optimize the design of orthopedic therapy for skeletal corrections in both growing and adult patients.


Volume III

In this Volume of the Mechanotherapy in Orthodontics series, we will present detailed step-by-step treatment  of different malocclusions using personalized and precise mechanotherapy. Examples of efficient treatment, from simple to moderate to the most complex dental and skeletal malocclusions, will be discussed along  with the mechanical and biological principles that guide the Orthodontist’s choice of Orthodontics tools.



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