Mechanotherapy in Orthodontics

Mechanotherapy in Orthodontics is the science of engineering precise and efficient procedures to accomplish desired skeletal and dental changes and movements.


This innovative and comprehensive book series guides students, educators and clinicians from basic biomechanics principles to advanced mechanotherapy concepts, incorporating current scientific evidence on advances in tooth movement and craniofacial growth.

Volume I
Mechanotherapy in Orthodontics: Basic Biomechanics, the volume I of this book series, reviews the physics and mechanical principles that allow the clinician to deliver accurate and efficient treatment for their patients. Readers will learn to apply physical laws in Orthodontics treatment, from basic concepts to more advance topics. This book is written clearly and assumes no previous knowledge in physics or mechanics on the part of the reader. Rich illustrations in this book allow the readers to grasp concepts quickly without a need for memorization.  


Volume II
Mechanotherapy in Orthodontics: Principle of Design, the volume II of this book series, presents the mechanical principles instructing a precise and personalized mechanotherapy plan. Rather than analyzing the different appliances or techniques used in the daily Orthodontics and Orthopedics treatment, we introduce important concepts such as, anchor versus target unit, sequence of mechanotherapy, semi-restricted and free-object designs, material behavior as source of forces, and friction in orthodontics. Deep understanding of these concepts equips the clinician to develop a personalized Mechanotherapy to efficiently treat any malocclusions despite their complexity.  


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