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Advanced Orthodontics

If you're an orthodontist and want to learn everything about the latest advances in orthodontics from the very doctors who are moving the specialty forward, we have this selection of courses to offer you so that you may choose the option that best suits your schedule.

You will get hands-on training on TADs, accelerated tooth movement procedures, functional appliance adjustment, sectional and complex biomechanic setups for correction of severe Class II and Class III malocclusion.

Week-long Program


Fall Program: October 8-11, 2024


Registration Deadline: September 1, 2024

Course will be held only if the registration reaches a minimum of 10 people.

Discounted fees and alternative dates available for groups of 10 or more.

Program Includes: 
Mechanotherapy book, program readings and study materials, daily continental breakfast and coffee breaks, official group photos with course professors, closing luncheon and certificate ceremony.

Program Tuition: 
Orthodontist/Dentist: $4,000 USD

Students: $3,000 USD

Saturday Courses


The Program takes place on Saturdays, and includes preclinical workshops, supporting literature and typodont demonstrations.

Bone Anchorage:  External Plate and TADs
August 10, 2024

Non-Surgical Treatment of Complex Cases
September 14, 2024

Orthopedic treatment in Children and Adults
October 12, 2024

Accelerated Orthodontics
November 9, 2024

Review in Basic Mechanics and Mechanotherapy
December 7, 2024

Program Tuition: 
Orthodontist/Dentist: $4,250 USD

Students: $3,000 USD

Individual Saturday Session Fee:
$900 USD per course

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