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General Dentistry Courses

General Dentistry

CTOR Academy offers a well-rounded course catalog in various fields of Dentistry and has expanded the list to include topics that have been requested by General Dentists such as Early Treatment, Oral Medicine, Invisalign Training, and Pre-Restorative Adjunctive Orthodontics.


1-2 hour lectures

Registration Fee:  $100 for each class

Oral Mucosal Lesions: Strategies for Diagnosis and Management
April 1, 2023   3.00-5.00PM


Pre-Restorative Orthodontic Treatment

May 6, 2023   3.00-5.00PM


Diagnostic Challenges in the Dental Office

June 3, 2023   3.00-5.00PM

Refund and cancellation policy

CTOR Academy refunds 80 % of tuition if course cancelled 1 week before beginning of course. No refunds if cancellation is made less than one week before the course.

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