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CTOR Press announces its series of global online Mechanotherapy in Orthodontics classes.

Stay connected with the Orthodontic community and update your mechanotherapy knowledge where ever you are!

Watch a meeting recording of Free Trial of Mechanotherapy in Orthodontics Class:

Enjoyed the trial session?


Join us for a series of lecture addressing the most advanced concepts in orthodontics. Our next class will be;


Module 1: Basics of Mechanotherapy Design

Course topics:


Session 1- Targets of Mechanotherapy

In the first session you will get familiar with the first step of planning Mechanotherapy, which is recognizing the targets of treatment. Recognizing the targets of treatment helps the clinician identify the different areas of the malocclusion that require specific forces and moments to elicit a biological response resulting in the desired correction. This mechanical and biological evaluation will help the clinician select the proper tools for each single target. The final Mechanotherapy plan is the combination of these individual tools, used sequentially to address each problem efficiently, with minimum side effects and in the shortest time possible.


Session 2- Biological Requirements for Treatment

After identifying the targets and the movement required for each target, we should decide which biological processes we need to stimulate to move that target.  We will discuss the biological processes activated during orthodontic and orthopedic treatment. Based on the biological needs of each case we will introduce the idea of Active and Biomodifier Appliances


Session 3 – Neuro Immuno Mechanotherapy (NIM)

We will discuss the Neurologic and Immunologic responses of the body, as well as the Mechanical stimulation that produce the desired changes in the craniofacial skeleton (NIM therapy). This non-invasive treatment approach corrects facial asymmetries, facial disharmony and skeletal discrepancies by promoting a natural biological response. This means no surgery! NIM therapy is effective in treating children and adults’ craniofacial deformities, and producing a stable result while eliminating the side effects of surgery.


Session 4 – Target unit and Anchor unit

In this session, we will concentrate our attention on the general rules of designing efficient active appliances. To achieve this goal some terminology will be introduced such as, target unit, anchor unit, plane of movement, type of movement, degree of freedom, determined and undetermined systems.


Session 5 – Free Object/Determined system

This session will focus on free object/determined system mechanical designs. We will review targets for which this is the design of choice, and what are the indications and contraindications. Furthermore, we will discuss the force system utilized in this design, its limitations, and how to overcome some of these limitations.


Course duration: 5 sessions (1 CE credits/ session)


Date and Time: All session start at 11.00 AM EST

Session 1 - Monday April 6, 2020
Session 2 - Wednesday April 8, 2020
Session 3 - Monday April 13, 2020
Session 4 - Wednesday April 15, 2020
Session 5 - Monday April 20, 2020

Registration Fee:  100 USD

Registration deadline: April 5, 2020

What if I registered and missed or couldn't attend the class on time?

Rest assured!  If you missed the class, We will send you the recap vdo link to you that you can access later!

Contact: for more information contact

Register Here 

Mechanotherapy Online Module 1
Mechanotherapy Online Module 1
Apr 06, 2020, 11:00 AM
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